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Our awards

91, 92, 93


You don’t ever forget the first award you win — the anticipation, the nail-biting tension as results are announced and the feeling that for those nerve-racking minutes, nothing seems to matter more. Since then, we’ve been incredibly thankful to relive that sensation many times over… For us, that initial feeling has never really faded and we never want it to! It reminds us that we’re still passionate about what we do and how we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else!


Our media coverage



We are serious about the media, and want the media to be serious about us. It is one of our sounding boards — it predicts what is to come and diagnoses the design pulse of today. We learn much from the media and through it, others know and respond to our work. It can be a stepping-stone towards a visceral experience: people come to know of our spaces and want to visit them because of what they encounter through the media. We like this very much.

Though physically in Singapore, we are excited to be a part of the global design community. We benchmark ourselves against international peers to sharpen our design wits, knowing that there isn’t a better way to get better at what we do other than this! The media is our bench marker, a referee of sorts… through the media, our work is tested, tried and sometimes even celebrated. We like this very much too!

It is one of our sounding boards…